Steam sterilization monitoring products from ParaSure

Steam Sterilization Monitoring

The ParaSure steam sterilization monitoring range offers a complete range of Bowie & Dick test packs and sheets, chemical indicators (both non and self-adhesive), load controls, autoclave tape and documentation label systems.

All of the ParaSure steam sterilization monitoring products conform to the relevant standards, mainly EN ISO 11140-1 and EN ISO 11140-4 and use non-toxic and precisely calibrated technology. All are easy to use and interpret with technical data sheets to accompany them all, ParaSure offers the most comprehensive product range available worldwide.

# Steam Sterilization Daily Tests

Steam Sterilization Daily Tests

Throughout the world, in accordance with EN 285, a steam penetration test (Bowie and Dick test) must be carried out prior to sterilization taking place. This is to check the efficacy of air removal within the chamber and successful steam penetration to the centre of a porous load.

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dividing bar Steam Sterilization Indicators

Steam Sterilization Indicators

ParaSure high quality chemical indicators offer assurance to the user that good quality steam has penetrated a specific pack. All of our indicators conform to EN ISO 11140-1 Classes 4, 5 and 6 and are supported by certificates proving their conformity, calibrations and performance.

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Steam Sterilization Load Controls

ParaSure uses diagnostic technology for the indicators used inside their load controls. The load control gives the user assurance that the sterilization process has been effective and the load can be released. ParaSure is unique in offering load control calibrations to suit every cycle.

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# Steam Process Indicators

Steam Process Indicators

ParaSure has a range of process indicators to show the user at a glance that an item has been through the sterilization process. They all conform to EN ISO 11140-1 Class 1 and have performance certificates of conformity to support them.

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